This is Astraea!
I was inspired by this sketch (I think originally from しょぼ though now I can’t locate it in their portfolio), which I took my own direction. 
It’s the first time I’ve played with the bar handle on round plate element, which I ended liking a lot.
The panels surrounding each rear engine unit are angled to flare slightly outward (on the horizontal plane) relative to each thruster. I also enjoyed the geometry between the opposing (top/bottom) cylindrical engine sections. I’ll post a breakdown later.
I had fun with the geometry for the cockpit. The glass in the opposed sections are held (a) with internal/outward tension at the top and bottom, and (b) with external/inward tension from each side.
As a first for me, I used physical and digital design in tandem from the start. The process worked well for me; I find I still need physical parts to explore connection, but it opened possibilities to ‘run fast’ with digital.
I’ll post the digital design file and some breakdowns when I find time.
Cockpit Construction Video
There's a speedy construction video for Astraea's cockpit, with design overview and major construction steps, at