I'm pleased to release Ataraxis from the LEGO shipyard. At four months of (weekend) construction, this is the most time I've invested in any creation, and one of my favorites.
The shaping was inspired by a terrific sketch from Jim Francis, and then I started working geometry. It was a blast to design: the wing stripes are stair-stepped by 1.5 plates each, there are 9 jogs in angle from top plane down to either edge, it utilizes a zillion nifty 53° slopes, and so forth...

Lightning Construction Video (full walk-through video is here)

Construction Video
I finally finished the Ataraxis construction video. This one is my personal favorite. :)
There are two extended versions with commentary on YouTube. I recommend the one at which walks through final assembly and is easier to watch. The one at goes through the entire build step-by-step and is ridiculously long.
The music in this lightning-speed cut is from Super R-Type, as composed by Takushi Hiyamuta and others.

Instructions & Digital Design
Step-by-step instructions and a digital design file for Ataraxis are available here.