Premonition is finally complete!
There's a design video on YouTube with a model intro and walkthrough for the major assembly steps. Detailed construction videos for components will follow. 
I used physical and digital in tandem throughout the design phase. I've published the resulting digital file (for model + display stand) and a parts inventory
This one was in design for a loooong time and I appreciated feedback from others throughout. I’m grateful for suggestions from Cole Blaq on shaping forward of the nacelles, Red Spacecat on the vertical fins + other bits, Brendan on the cannon supports + engine output, and Bram on a geometry challenge. My hearty thanks to them and to everyone else that supported/encouraged.
Videos: Design and Step-by-Step Construction
There's a (1) build overview video for Premonition introducing the model design and xhowing “final” construction assembly. 
There are additionally step-by-step detailed component build videos for the (2) cockpit, (3) ship core,  (4) nacelles, (5) engines & wings, and (6) display stand.