Resonance races out of my LEGO shipyard. Fwoooooosh!
Big inspiration credit to Shaun Mooney, who made this absolutely brilliant Wipeout concept. I went after the same major shaping, before going my own way in plastic-form.
Resonance is designed for super-speed; however, the design process itself was super-slow. New models seem to be taking me longer and longer... Between this and Ataraxis I only finished two builds in 2018.
And lastly -- appreciation to the kind builders who gave me feedback on WIP iterations. I showed test shots of a very different color scheme during Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend, and then returned home energized to go this direction.

Lightning Construction Video (full walk-through video is here)

Construction Video
One-and-a-half years later... I've finished the Resonance construction video!
There's a real-time version with commentary on YouTube at It's got all the major components, and is now in 4K!, but I didn't invest the huge time to capture extreme part-by-part construction steps.
The music in this lightning-speed cut is from Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours.